Friday, April 24, 2009

Discovering resources

 I'd like to share a technology site that has rescued me more than a few times when I've been stumped on how to handle different internet/computer problems: . Kim calls herself "America's Digital Godess"--a great title, don't you think?
I used to listen to her Radio program on 650 AM at 11:00 on Saturday mornings, though now that I work on Saturdays, I can only squeeze in a few mintues during my  lunchtime. She has daily tech news, tips of the day, and cool videos to watch, and so much more! This week, I learned that there was free software that I could download on my home computer to make scanned documents editable! Who'd a thunk that you could do that for free?

She also has a great way for us to support our troops overseas:  Check it out ;)

Operation Komando


  1. Thanks for the link! And thanks for Operation Komando, too; as a former soldier, I know how important that kind of support is!

  2. I'm going to enjoy exploring the Komando link. Digital goddesses deserve a following!